Crystal Clear Technology

"Water is the world’s number one environmental health determinant, and dirty water or scarce water is without question the number one global environmental health problem."

Source: The United Nations


Crystal Clear Technologies is your source for advanced technology solutions to difficult water treatment problems.

Our mission is to provide low cost water treatment technology effective against the removal of chemical and biological contaminants.

With our patented nano-coating technologies we can provide economic solutions for removal and recovery of heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury, copper, zinc, and others, as well as nonmetal selenium and radio nucleides, including uranium.  These are especially applicable to the more than 1200 US power plants facing compliance with EPA regulations.

Additionally, our technologies can be applied to a broad-ranging spectrum of other industries dealing with the challenges of wastewater treatment or compliance such as acid mine runoff and industrial water.

Our research-based company has been continually working on new solutions to new problems and better solutions to old problems.