Crystal Clear Technology



Steam Electric Power Plants

CCT is committed to providing commercial products and technical success in areas that urgently need our technology. 

The materials developed by CCT are designed to
a) strip specified toxic and /or valuable metals out of water,
b) do so in a manageable and economic way, and
c) produce a solid material that can either be safely landfilled or smelted to allow extraction of pure metal.


The nanotechnology filtration systems by CCT provide value by removing heavy metals from water to single-digit parts per billion, satisfying the looming 2015 EPA standards for power plants.  Furthermore, it is done with a minimal power footprint without generating sludge, and layers the filtered metals into potentially reusable resources. Initial testing indicates that captured metallic contaminants in spent filter media can be literally “mined” to recover valuable metals, creating new economic value rather than creating another waste stream.



CCT’s  nanotechnology transforms low cost minerals or chitosan (second largest natural resource on earth) into a high capacity, target-specific adsorption media.  CCT’s proprietary filter media, branded NMX™, can be optimized for different contaminants and applications by bonding different nano-coatings onto the substrate.  CCT’s “self extending” nano-coating media gives it exceptional capacity, lifetime and cost effectiveness over conventional media. 

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